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Newmarket Road

Start: Monday 14 August

Expected Completion: November 2023

Norfolk County Council and the Transport for Norwich (TfN) partnership asked for feedback on a series of proposed improvements to Newmarket Road in Norwich.

We are seeking to improve safety for those travelling through the area by bus, bike or on foot. Newmarket Road is a key transport corridor into Norwich from the south-west. It forms part of the blue pedalway between:

  • Wymondham
  • Hethersett
  • Eaton
  • Norwich city centre

The Department for Transport's Transforming Cities Fund is funding these improvements. We can only use this fund on the highway network.


This scheme covers 3 junctions on Newmarket Road, located at:

  • Eaton/Leopold Road
  • Lime Tree/Christchurch Road
  • Daniels Road roundabout.

The scheme includes improvements to:

  • crossing facilities
  • pavement widening
  • cycle lane
  • minor kerb realignments to improve the route for bus journeys. 


The Department for Transport (DfT) has awarded £32m of funding to TfN from the Transforming Cities Fund. This funding is to deliver a range of schemes across Greater Norwich.

By supporting improvements to sustainable modes of transport, these projects aim to improve:

  • access to jobs
  • access to training
  • access to retail
  • issues around air quality

 Find out more about our application to the DfT and all the proposed schemes.

Feedback from the consultation held in November 2022 was considered by the Transport for Norwich Advisory Committee in January 2023 recommending the scheme for cabinet member approval subject to the retention of the existing bus stop on Newmarket Road.

We'll keep this page up to date with the latest progress and information.

Frequently asked questions


Why are you removing bus stops?

The stops we are proposing to remove, are very lightly used. We have also considered how far away the next stops are. In this case, they are no more than 270m away in either direction, located at either Albemarle Road or Leopold Road.

How will kerb realignment help buses?

Buses and other large vehicles usually have to position themselves in the middle of the two lanes on the inbound approach to the roundabout. The lane widths are too narrow for these vehicles to be able to enter the roundabout without running over the pavement. Widening the lanes, will allow all large vehicles to access the roundabout without overrunning the pavement. This will make it safer for pedestrians.


Walking and cycling

Why are you removing the islands on the crossings?

Removing the islands will be safer for pedestrians and allow them to cross the road in one movement.

Segregation wands are dangerous and shouldn't be in use

The design of the wands will follow the latest government standards. They improve safety for both cyclist and motorists.

What are the new government design standards for cycle lanes?

The Department for Transport's cycle infrastructure design guidance (opens new window) states that where possible cycle lanes should be continuous in length. They should provide cyclists with extra protection (i.e. segregation wands) to shield them from general traffic.

Painting a cycle lane on the road falls short of the new standards.

Why are only small, shared use areas highlighted on the plans?

The plans only show proposed changes to the facilities currently in place. This is why certain locations highlight only small, shared-use areas.

Shared use areas cause conflict between those walking and cycling and shouldn't be in use

The Department for Transport's cycle infrastructure design guidance (opens new window) says avoid shared use where possible. But it accepts that in constrained environments they will still be necessary. We seek to minimise shared use areas wherever possible. We have worked with the newly-formed Active Travel England to ensure our proposals meet the expected government standards.

Some shared use areas are unavoidable in this location. They need all users to be aware of their environment and act in a responsible and considerate manner.

Post pandemic, cycle facilities are not required

Post pandemic we are seeing more people walking and cycling. These proposals will encourage this to continue and increase. They support long-term council policies to tackle climate change and pollution.

It should be mandatory for cyclists to use the cycle lanes provided

This would be a matter of policy for central government to consider.



Didn't you do work on the Daniels Road roundabout already?

We delivered a scheme in 2020 funded through the Local Enterprise Partnership. But this was on Daniels Road itself. It covered the area north of the roundabout up to the junction with Colman Road. The design of this scheme was to improve crossing facilities and speed up traffic flow on this busy section of the ring road. Further information is available on the Colman Road traffic flow improvements webpage

Are there proposals for any other schemes in the area?

Improvement works were recently completed on St Stephens Road.

An Active Travel scheme for Ipswich Road is pending TRO approval to proceed with construction.

No further projects are currently planned in this area.

You should spend the money on something else

This scheme is being funded by central government's Transforming Cities Fund. This aims to improve travel infrastructure within Norwich. We cannot use the funding for general road maintenance or to support other council services.

Cycle segregation wands make it difficult for emergency services to pass

The position of segregation wands will allow the safe passage of emergency vehicles.

I need an alternative format of the plans, what should I do?

Please request hard copies from

Alternative formats are also available on request.


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