Access Tested Walks

The series of Access Tested Trails have been undertaken to support people accessing the countryside and improve quality of life.  It offers the chance for us to make improvements to make our Trails more accessible than ever and provides you with even more information about what you will encounter on a walk.  Just look out for the Access Tested Logo (opposite).

The Access Tested Booklet contain key logistical details and a route map with description of the route.  It also has a map showing audit points with associated photos and details, illustrating the ground conditions, width, etc. you are likely to encounter on your walk.

So why not get your copy of the booklet, plan a visit to suit you, and give it a try?

There will be more Access Tested walks coming soon.

Can’t wait for more Access Tested Trails? Don’t worry, there are the Easy Access trails with photos developed by the Norfolk Coast Partnership.

Roman Fort, Burgh Castle Trail 1.2 miles (pdf)

Journey through history as you travel around the ruins of the Roman Fort and enjoy views of the stunning Broads landscape.