GOLD - Guidance for older drivers

As drivers get older, some may become less confident on the road or have specific concerns about aspects of their driving, health or mobility.

Norfolk County Council is committed to supporting older drivers through its Guidance for Older Driver programme (GOLD). GOLD can help to reassure drivers and offers a driver development session designed to refresh skills and increase confidence.

GOLD is intended to offer help and advice and it is not a test. It’s not a process to stop people from driving. It’s an opportunity to help older drivers regain confidence, refresh skills and overcome any specific problems they may have.

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The session is tailored to suit the driver’s individual needs. It can cover areas such as night time driving, negotiating junctions and roundabouts, driving in heavy traffic and dealing with complex road systems.

Local TV presenter, Carol Bundock is backing the older driver campaign:

“I wanted to ensure my driving skills were still as good as the day I passed my test! The driver development session lasted about an hour, covered various traffic conditions and used roads I regularly travel on. The feedback I received was extremely informative and has helped me feel much more confident behind the wheel. I can’t recommend it enough.”