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A-Z of waste we do and do not accept

Check the list below to see whether your item will be accepted or not.  Contact us if you are still unsure.


Yes – if they’re empty.  If they are full or part full then they are classed as hazardous waste.


No.  Asbestos is classed as hazardous waste and we don’t accept it at any of our recycling centres.


No, because it’s a fire risk.  When the ash is completely cold you can put it in your kerbside waste bin.

Audio visual

Yes, including

  • Audio cassettes
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Floppy discs
  • Records
  • Video cassettes

You can put them into the non-recyclables container.


Yes, we accept:

  • Household/dry cell - these may also be accepted at retail outlets, electrical retailers and in supermarkets
  • Car/vehicle – handle with care

Bedding and duvets

Yes, put them in the non-recyclables container.

Beer barrels or kegs

No, we don’t accept beer barrels and kegs.  Contact Keg Watch on 0808 100 1945.


Yes.  Any bicycles that can’t be reused can be placed in the scrap metal container.

Blades (eg food processor blades, knives)

We accept blades but you must let a member of staff know you are disposing of them.  Wrap them safely, label them and put them in the scrap metal container.  You can also put blades in your kerbside bin but wrap them safely first.


Yes – you can put these in the cardboard container.

Bulky waste

Yes - we accept bulky waste items such as furniture, white goods like washing machines and fridges/freezers and larger items like pianos.  For any fitted furniture please see DIY waste.

Business/commercial/trade/charity waste

We accept business waste at some recycling centres, for a charge – read more about disposing of business waste here.


We accept cans and tins, but please wash them first.

Card/cardboard/greetings cards

Yes, we accept these items.

Carpets and underlay

Yes, you can put carpets and underlay in the non-recyclables container.  For laminate flooring please see Wood.  For vinyl type flooring (eg lino) please see DIY waste.

Christmas trees

Yes, you can put real christmas trees in the green waste container and fake trees in the scrap metal container.

Clinical waste

No, we don’t accept clinical waste.  Your local district, borough or city council might offer a collection or disposal service, but may charge.  You could also contact a reputable private waste disposal contractor.  Ask to see a Waste Carriers Licence and find out where the waste will be disposed of.

Cooking oil

We accept cooking oil.  Some councils offer cooking oil banks at various locations – contact your local district, borough or city council to check. 

DIY waste

Read more about what DIY waste we accept at our recycling centres.

Electrical items - large and small

We accept all kinds of household electrical items, including:

  • Cookers and ovens - ensure gas cookers are disconnected by a qualified gas technician (refer to the Gas Safe register for a list of local companies)
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridges and freezers (domestic only)
  • Televisions
  • Washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Computers/laptops /monitors – it’s a good idea to remove all your personal data properly before disposing of a computer or laptop.
  • DVD players
  • Hair dryers/tongs/straighteners
  • Irons
  • Kettles
  • Lawnmowers
  • Microwaves
  • Mobile phones - remember to take out your old SIM card
  • Smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Toasters
  • Toys, including ride-on cars, bikes and scooters
  • Vacuum cleaners/hoovers

Your local district, borough or city council may offer a collection service for large electrical goods (eg washing machines, fridges, freezers), but might charge you.

Engine oil

Yes, we accept used engine oil.

Explosives, boat flares, fireworks, fire arms/BB guns and ammunition

We don’t accept these items.  Read our advice on disposing of explosives.


Fibreglass is classed as DIY type waste and is now charged as non-recyclable DIY waste.  Read more information about DIY waste.


You can take clean foil to our recycling centres. This includes kitchen foil and foil food trays, including those from takeaways and ready meals.

Food waste

Yes, this can go into the non-recyclables container.


Freestanding furniture is accepted in any quantity eg chairs, tables, sofas, beds.

If the furniture has been fixed or fitted to your property, it’s classed as DIY waste.

Garden waste

Read more information about the types of garden waste we accept and do not accept.

Gas bottles and cylinders

Gas cylinders are the property of the gas supplier and we recommend that they are returned to them if possible.  For more information visit the UKLPG website.

We accept empty gas bottles and cylinders at all our recycling centres, but we do not accept full or partially full gas bottles or cylinders, under any circumstance.  Read our advice on where to dispose of gas bottles and cylinders.


You can put empty and washed bottles and jars in the glass containers at our recycling centres.  For flat glass, like window panes, see DIY waste.

Hazardous waste 

We don’t usually accept hazardous waste but we sometimes hold household hazardous waste days.  Read more about hazardous waste and household hazardous waste days here.

Household waste (including food waste)

We accept excess household waste from your kerbside collections.  Separate any recyclable materials out beforehand then bag any remaining waste.  We might ask you to open the bags at the recycling centre so that we can recycle as much as possible.

Incontinence pads

Yes, we accept small amounts (one bag per household, per week) of incontinence pads.  They must be double-wrapped and clearly labelled, to minimise the risk of human contact with them. Incontinence pads should usually be wrapped and disposed of in your kerbside rubbish bin.

Kitchenware (glasses, crockery, saucepans)

Yes, we accept items like old glasses, crockery, bowls, saucepans and scales, etc


Yes, we accept electric and manual lawnmowers.  We accept petrol lawnmowers as long as the fuel tank is empty/fully drained.  We do not accept petrol as it’s classed as hazardous waste.

Light bulbs/fluorescent tubes

Yes – place them in the fluorescent tubes container.  Don’t put these in your kerbside rubbish bin.

For large quantities of tubes, or commercial collection/disposal, contact Recyclite on 01953 451111 or visit  Your local district, borough or city council may offer (and charge for) a collection service.

Liquid cartons/Tetra Paks

Yes – wash them first then put them in the ‘cardboard’ container.

Loft insulation

Loft insulation such as rolled matting, sheet or loose material is non-recyclable DIY waste and there is a charge for disposal.


Yes, put them in the non-recyclables container.


No, we don’t accept unused/expired medications or medical equipment.  Never place leftover or expired medicines/equipment in your kerbside rubbish bin or flush them down the toilet.  You can speak to your local GP or pharmacist who will help you dispose of them safely.


Yes, we accept small amounts (one bag per household, per week) of disposal nappies.  They must be double-wrapped and clearly labelled, to minimise the risk of human contact with them.  Disposable nappies should usually be wrapped and disposed of in your kerbside rubbish bin.

Oil tanks

Read our information about disposing of oil tanks at our recycling centres.

Paint/paint cans

We accept empty or dried out paint cans.

Full or part-full cans containing liquid paint are not usually accepted as they’re classed as hazardous waste.


Yes, we accept paper, including shredded paper, newspapers, magazines, directories and envelopes


Check the following list:

  • Animal bedding is accepted in small amounts (one or two bags per week) of vegetarian pet bedding, eg soiled wood shavings, grit.  This must be double-bagged and clearly labelled.
  • Dog and cat faeces (including cat litter) isn’t accepted for hygiene reasons.  If you have a small quantity, safely wrap it and put it in a plastic bag in your kerbside rubbish bin.
  • Horse manure is not accepted
  • Dead animals are not accepted
  • Fish tanks/aquariums – we accept household items.  Filters or lights should be placed in the small appliances container.

Plant pots

We can't recycle rigid plastics like plant pot at the moment, but you can put them in the general waste container or in your kerbside rubbish bin.

Some garden centres, including Notcutts, accept plant pots for reuse.


Plasterboard is only accepted at Caister, DerehamHemptonKetteringhamMayton WoodMile Cross and Thetford.

There is a charge for disposing of plasterboard as it is classed as DIY waste.

Plastic/plastic film

Yes, rigid plastics (eg bottles, toys and garden furniture) can be accepted at all recycling centres and should go in the non-recyclables container.  Since April 2017 we have stopped separating rigid plastic at the five sites (Caister, Dereham, Ketteringham, Kings Lynn and Thetford) which offered this service due to issues with the outlet processing the material.  It is something we are keen to offer again but we need to ensure we have a secure market for the material. 


Yes, you can put this in the non-recyclables container.

Printer/ink cartridges

Yes, we accept printer and ink cartridges.

Septic tanks

No, we don’t accept septic tanks.  Anglian Water may be able to assist you.

Sports equipment

Yes, broken non-electrical and electrical sports equipment items are all accepted.

Storage heaters

If you need to dispose of a storage heater, it is important to check whether it contains asbestos first as we do not accept this.

If your storage heater does not contain asbestos, we will accept it.  It may be easier for transportation to take the storage heater apart.  Please ask a member of staff for assistance when you arrive.

If the storage heater contains asbestos then we cannot accept it.

Sweet/chocolate/biscuit tins

Yes, these can all be taken to our recycling centres.  Tins should be put into the scrap metal container and plastic containers should go into the non-recyclables container.


Yes, we accept these items at our recycling centres except Strumpshaw due to improvement works.


Yes, we accept old or broken household tools, including garden or DIY tools.  Usable tools in good condition may be sent on for reuse or sold in our reuse shops.  Power tools are accepted as small electrical items.  Tools are not classed as DIY waste.


We accept soil and turf - it is classed as DIY waste.

Vehicles and parts (including tyres)

We don’t accept all vehicles/parts of vehicles.  Read more about information about disposing of vehicles, parts and tyres at our recycling centres.


Yes, we accept wallpaper.

  • Unused wallpaper should go into the cardboard container
  • Used/stripped wallpaper should go into the non-recyclables container

Water filters

Yes, these are accepted at our recycling centres.


See garden waste.


Some wood is classed as DIY waste and there is a charge for disposal on items such as fitted wardrobes, kitchens, laminate flooring, sheds, pallets or fence panels.  Free items may include a garden bench, dining table, chairs and other free standing furniture.  See the DIY waste for more details.

Wrapping paper

Yes, paper should go into the cardboard container, but shiny or foil-type wrapping paper should go into the non-recyclables container.

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