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Home education guidelines

Your plans

You do not have to follow a timetable but if you do choose to, it does not have to be rigid or comply with local-authority-maintained schools dates and times, however you should be able to show that you are serious and committed to your child’s learning and development.

It is your responsibility to plan and carry out your arrangements. The Service to Home Educators Team may be approached to offer informal advice but cannot undertake either to specifically direct your child’s learning or to provide resources.

We cannot recommend private tutors to replace or supplement teaching in schools. You could look online and/or the small ads in local papers. 

You may like to consider the following points when you plan your child’s education:

  • Try to see that the learning process is as active, practical and participative as possible and systematically planned
  • Try to take full advantage of educational textbooks, workbooks and all the resources available in your locality and in your home
  • Give great importance to a wide range of reading, writing and discussion. Give a substantial amount of time to all aspects of numeracy
  • Keep your child’s learning as broad and as balanced as possible. Be prepared to develop and encourage any particular skill or interest shown by your child
  • Have a selection of educational visits and broadcasts planned. Make sure they are prepared in advance and followed up afterwards
  • Provide opportunities which help with physical development and ones which allow social interaction with adults and children to take place in different settings
  • Keep records of educational progress and dated examples which show it. Make learning enjoyable by varying the style and content, and the processes it involves.
  • When necessary, give opportunities for independent study and research and provide a quiet area for sustained study/work.
  • Public examinations and regular testing are available to children in our schools and colleges. You may feel that your child needs these opportunities to demonstrate their progress and attainments.

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