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Home education guidelines

Summary of things to consider

  • Opting for home education is opting out of the state system in its entirety. Our local authority role will be advisory. You will have no access to any of the broad range of teaching services offered, including access to exam entry or specialist teaching services.
  • Think long and hard about it. It is a great responsibility and a considerable commitment of time and energy.
  • Plan what you intend to do for your child before deciding to opt out
  • Look at the costs involved. For example, for educational visits, equipment, books, exam fees and subject tutors. There is no funding available for home educating families.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to be involved in social activities, contact other children, and take part in joint activities with other children and groups. These activities may provide a useful social setting and improve your child’s motivation to succeed with his or her learning.
  • Keep your options open. As your child’s needs may change at different ages and stages. Older children need more challenging and sophisticated materials across a range of subjects if they intend to make good progress.

Do not take your child out of school simply because you have a disagreement with the school or a teacher. In such circumstances, talk to the head teacher or consult the lead teacher of Services to Home Education.

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