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Speech and language therapy services

Independent speech and language therapy

If you are thinking of paying for your child to see an independent speech and language therapist, it is important that you know what questions to ask.

If your child has a private therapist, you can still also use the NHS speech and language therapy service. 

However, you should let the NHS service know, so everyone works together to best meet your child's needs.

Find an independent therapist

You could start your search by visiting the Association of speech and language therapists in independent practice (ASLTIP) website.

It is worth speaking to more than one independent therapist, to find one that best suits your child. 

Things to consider when employing a therapist:

  • Are they registered with the Health and Care Professions Council?
  • Do they have experience of working with children similar to your child?
  • Do they have regular supervision from a more experienced therapist?
  • Do they have professional insurance?
  • If they specialise, for example, in autism or developmental language disorder, they should work with this client group most of the time 
  • They should let the NHS speech and language therapy service know when they start seeing your child
  • They should consult with the NHS speech and language therapy service on the assessments and interventions they provide for your child  


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