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Who can get Short Breaks and how to apply

Who can get Short Breaks?

We offer Short Breaks to children and young people who:

  • Live in Norfolk
  • Are aged 5-17
  • Have "a physical or mental impairment that is substantial and has a long-term negative effect on their ability to do normal daily tasks" - this is from the Equality Act 2010

If you are not sure if this applies to your child, you can contact the Short Breaks team to ask for support.

If you are not eligible the Short Breaks team may direct you to local support services or give advice on how a professional could refer your family to the children's advice and duty service (CADS).

Find out more about Short Breaks.

Children under 5

We do not provide any Short Breaks to children under 5 years of age. If your child is under 5 and has exceptional needs, a professional can make a referral to the Children's Advice and Duty Service (CADS) to request services such as Family Support or a Social Work Assessment. Please be aware that this would be a referral for support to you as a family, and would not lead to a referral for Short Breaks.

How to apply for a Short Break

We aim to make an initial decision on your child's eligibility for the Short Breaks service within two weeks of application.

If you are not eligible, we will let you know by post or email. If you are eligible, we will contact you as soon as a team member is available to work with you to set up your child's Short Breaks plan.

Apply for a Short Break

You can also contact the Short Breaks team.

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