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Personal adviser

Our Life Beyond Care (LBC) teams work with young people from about the age of 16. Personal Advisers (PAs) work in the teams, and they will work with you when you become a care leaver at age 18.

We are required by law to appoint a named PA for every Norfolk Life Beyond Care Young Person. This includes Life Beyond Care Young People who are still in our care (the law is complicated).

Some PAs are also qualified social workers. If they are a qualified social worker they are likely to work with you whilst you are in care. (If you are in care, we must put a qualified social worker in charge of your case and they will be both your social worker and your PA). If a PA isn't a qualified social worker, they will have relevant qualifications for their role, and have skills and experience in working with young people.

What happens when you turn 18?

When you turn 18 and leave care, we don’t simply end your relationship with your social worker and introduce you to a new person who will be your PA. We have arrangements for involving your 'new' PA at least six months before you turn 18. Your PA will work alongside you and your social worker, until you become 18. The PA will then continue to work with you until you are at least 21 (and until you are 25 if you choose).

What does a personal adviser do?

A key part of a PA’s job is to work with you on the pathway planning process. This includes making sure that you are involved in making the pathway plan, and supporting you to do anything you agree in the plan. Your PA will also be involved in reviewing your pathway plan. Your PA is expected to give you advice and practical support. They can be a link between you and us, or other organisations that you might need help from. They should provide help to make sure that you get the services that you need and make best use of them. PAs also have to do a lot of administrative work. They are responsible for recording information about how you are doing and also helping you to use your Life Beyond Care Grant.

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