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Pathway plan

Every young person who is a Life Beyond Care Young Person must have a pathway plan. It’s the law!

What is it?

Your pathway plan is really important. It makes sure things are being set up ready for your future, outside of the care system. Find out more about pathway plans, in our local offer for care leavers.

When does pathway planning start?

Pathway planning usually begins when you are almost 16. While you are still in care, things like statutory reviews and care planning will still happen, alongside pathway planning. This can make life a bit complicated for you, but both things are really important.

You should always be given a copy of your pathway plan.

Keeping your pathway plan up-to-date

Once your first pathway plan is in place, it’s vital to keep it up-to-date. This is done at regular pathway plan review meetings.

You’re allowed to change your mind about things, and of course things in your life will change over time. The pathway planning process doesn't usually finish until you’re 21, and you may choose to continue it until you’re 25.

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