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Pathway plan review

A pathway plan helps you prepare for your future when you leave care. It is important to keep it up-to-date. We do this by having regular pathway plan reviews.

What is a pathway plan review?

This is a meeting to discuss and review your pathway plan.

How often does it happen?

If all is going well in your life once you leave our care, we will review your plan with you every six months. This is what the law requires.

If there are any major changes in your life, for example, if you want or need to change your accommodation, then we must have a pathway plan review. This must happen even if it hasn’t been six months since the last meeting.

You should always be given a copy of your pathway plan, and any changes that are agreed when it is reviewed.

Who can request a review?

You and your Personal Adviser (PA) are the two key people in this process. Either one of you can ask for a pathway plan review at any time. If either of you request a review (even if you don’t both agree about it) then it must take place. We cannot refuse this.

The benefits of pathway planning

Pathway plans and pathway plan reviews should be really positive things. They give you power in the decisions made in your life. Of course, this also means that you will be expected to accept more responsibility. By the time you reach 21, our ambition is that you will be on track and in control of your life.

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