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Children in care (CinC) review

CinC (child in care) reviews are meetings to:

  • Look at how you are getting on in all aspects of your life
  • Make plans for your future
  • Make sure that everything is going okay for you, whilst you are in care

At this meeting everyone will make sure your care plan is being followed and that you are happy with how things are.

Who will be at a CinC review?

You can also invite:

  • Your foster carer
  • Someone from your school, if you think they need to be there
  • Someone from health, if you think they need to be there
  • An advocate if you would like extra support, or if you are not happy about something in your care plan. They will help make sure your concerns are heard.
  • Members of your family

You could also ask your foster carer, someone from your school or someone from health, to send a report instead of coming along

The main thing is that only you, your IRO and your social worker need to be there. It is up to you to invite other people. Your social worker can help you with this.

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