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Guide to disability related expenses

Types of expenses that are included

We work in line with the Care Act 2014. We look at all DRE claims on an individual basis rather than take a blanket approach. This means it is not possible to have a definitive list of DREs because each person is different and will have different care needs and expenses.

However, there are some common things that people ask for as DRE. We have listed a few below and how we consider these expenses.

Community alarm

We have a list of prices for most community alarm providers in Norfolk. If you tell us the name of your provider and we agree the cost is reasonable, we will allow the weekly cost as DRE. If we do not have the information on your community alarm provider, we may ask you how much you pay and how often and compare it to others.

Increased energy/utility costs

We use the Office for National Statistics (ONS) records that show the average household spend based on income group. If your weekly spend is higher than the average, we will allow the difference as a DRE. For example, if you spend £10 per week on energy and the household average for your income level is £8 per week, we will allow £2 per week as a DRE. We would need to see your bills as proof of what you pay.

Basic domestic cleaning

If you are unable to maintain your home yourself, we will allow basic cleaning costs. For example, this could be a cleaner that comes weekly or fortnightly to clean your home or could be a yearly deep clean. We would need to see evidence of what you spend to allow this cost.

Basic gardening

If you are unable to maintain your garden yourself, we will allow basic gardening costs. We would not expect any gardening to be completed in winter months and so we only allow these costs for 40 weeks a year. We would need to see evidence of what you spend to allow this cost.

Buying disability equipment and the maintenance costs

If you need to buy any equipment related to your disability or care needs, we will consider whether you could claim these costs as DRE. We would look at the initial cost of the item, as well as any maintenance costs, such as servicing or insurance. We will only allow the DRE for the lifecycle of an item - this is normally three years. For example, if someone with diminished mobility bought a mobility scooter, we would allow the cost of buying it as a DRE over a period of three years. This means that we will divide the total cost of the item you have bought by 156 weeks to work out the weekly cost. We would also allow any annual costs such as maintenance, servicing, or insurance, for as long as the item remains in use.

Paying for something expensive

If you can't pay for an expensive item upfront, you can contact the DRE team who can explore whether there are grants available that could help you. Contact us by telephone: 01603 222133 - select Option 4, or by email:

Professional financial representation costs

If you are unable to manage your own finances and the Court of Protection has appointed a Deputy, we will look at any costs involved.