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Guide to disability related expenses

How to fill in the form

We need your name and ‘Social Services Ref No.’. If the DRE team send you the form, they will fill this in; if you have downloaded the form from the website, you need to fill this in yourself.

Your Social Services Ref No. can be found on any correspondence you receive from Norfolk County Council. This could include letters from Finance, any invoices you receive, or your Care & Support plan.

In the first column, 'What would you like to claim for?' please tell us what you are claiming for. This could be a specific item, such as a community alarm or a piece of equipment, or a general expense, such as gas, electric or water.

In the second column, 'Why do you think this is a DRE?' please tell us in your own words why you are claiming the expense. For example, if the expense being claimed is electricity costs, you could say the reason you are claiming the expense is because you need to have the heating on more frequently because your disability or illness means you feel the cold more than someone who does not have your disability or illness.

In the third column, 'How much do you pay and how often do you pay for it?' please tell us how much and how often you pay for the expense that you are claiming for. For example, if you are providing a utility bill as the evidence, please tell us how often you receive a bill. If you are providing a receipt as evidence, you should tell us whether you buy the amount on a weekly, monthly or other basis.

Please make sure that you have evidence of what you spend as we may not be able to allow any expenses if you have not provided enough.

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