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Guide to disability related expenses

Completed form example


Completed DRE form
What would you like to claim for? Why do you think this is a disability related expense?How much and how often do you pay for it? eg weekly, monthly etc
Community alarm provided by WelbeingI need the alarm to inform my family when I fall and I am unable to get up.£20 monthly - on bank statement
ElectricityAs I am housebound, I use more electricity for my heating as well as lights and TV. I think I use more than the average person because I'm disabled.£150 every 3 months - bills 
CleanerI have bad mobility and struggle moving around my home. I need a cleaner to keep my home tidy. £15 weekly - invoices
Gardener As above, mobility issues. I like to socialise with my family and friends in the garden in the summer. I cannot tend the garden myself so I have a gardener come once a year to tidy things up and make it nice.£300 yearly - invoices
Blue badge applicationAs I receive mobility benefits, I am eligible for a blue badge so my carers can access disabled parking spaces. £10 for 3 years

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