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How much Housing with Care and Independent Living costs

Independent Living homes are available to rent or buy. Housing with Care homes are only available to rent.

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How much you pay for Independent Living or Housing with Care depends on your personal circumstances and which scheme you move to. You will be given clear information about what you can expect to pay when making your decision about where to live.

How the cost is broken down

The cost of Independent Living is broken down into six parts:

  • Renting or buying your home (including council tax)
  • Service charge
  • Peace of mind/wellbeing charge (24-hour emergency support)
  • Care and support cost (based on your individual needs)
  • Heating and water (if applicable)
  • Meals (if applicable)

The cost of Housing with Care is broken down into five parts:

  • Renting your home (including council tax)
  • Service charge
  • Care and support cost (a standardised weekly payment)
  • Heating and water (if applicable)
  • Meals (if applicable)

Care and support costs

Norfolk County Council will talk to you about the cost of the care and support in your new home. Whether you are charged for the care and support will be based on your financial circumstances. Generally, if you have more than £23,250 in savings and investments we will not contribute to the cost of your care, although we can still organise and provide the care for you. Find out more about how care is paid for..

Housing costs

In addition to the care costs, you will have to pay your housing costs including rent, Council Tax and service charges. There will also be every day living costs like heating, water and meals.

The housing provider will discuss your tenancy and housing costs with you. You may be entitled to receive help with some of the costs through welfare benefits including Housing Benefit, Attendance Allowance and Pension Credit (or Universal Credit where applicable) and there will be help to apply for this.

If you want to buy an Independent Living apartment

Shared ownership, or affordable ownership, is a way to buy an apartment in an independent living scheme. Although ownership is joint between you and the landlord, you will be granted full possession and you will have all the rights and responsibilities of full ownership.

Shared ownership makes it possible to own up to 75% of an apartment, with the other 25% rent-free (if you own less than 75%, there is a small rental amount to be paid which is worked out in proportion to the amount of the home you buy). You can buy from 25% to 75% of your home.

Some of our sites will have shared ownership options. You will need to discuss this with the landlord of the site where you want to buy a home.

Who shared ownership is for

Shared ownership is an affordable way to own a home in an independent living site. You could already be a homeowner and considering moving into a more manageable-sized property.

Shared ownership is not managed by Norfolk County Council. You will need to contact the site where you want to own a home to find out more about your options. They are obligated to ensure the amount of the home you purchase is relevant to your financial circumstances. Income levels will be taken into consideration as part of your application. 

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