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EHC needs assessment requests

What a parent or carer should do before making an EHC needs assessment request

  1. Read the SEN information report for the child's place of learning. This should be published on their website. It will give information about what they offer and the process to follow if you have concerns

  2. Ask your child's teacher whether your the child is receiving SEN Support

  3. Read about the special educational provision we expect places of learning must provide for children with SEND.

    • Speak to the place of learning if you do not think this is happening

  4. Check that your child's place of learning is using the graduated approach to SEN Support. This is commonly known as 'assess, plan, do, review'. The place of learning should have been through at least two cycles of the process.

    • Have your child's expected outcomes been shared with you?

    •  Are new strategies and support making a difference to your child?

  5. Have regular meetings with the child's keyworker or teacher about your child's needs and the SEN Support provided. Check that your child's place of learning can evidence their use of the graduated approach to SEN Support.

    • Is there a SEN Support plan in place and it is being reviewed and updated?

    • If your child has been seen by an educational psychologist, are the ideas set out in their report being followed?

  6. Speak to Norfolk SEND IASS if you need more information, advice and support

  7. If you do not agree with the existing SEN Support that has been put in place at your child's place of learning, ask the SENCO or keyworker if you could meet with them.

    • Speak to them and discuss whether everything possible is being done to support the child

  8. If you are still unhappy with the SEN Support your child is receiving, try disagreement resolution

  9. If you want to request an EHC needs assessment, talk to your child's place of learning. As part of this process, they will need to provide evidence of the SEN Support they have put in place for your child.

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