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EHC needs assessment requests

Evidence for an EHC needs assessment

The Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a legal document. It must be followed by the Council and the Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care Board (ICB).

All places of learning and other professionals must include evidence that shows the graduated SEN Support that has already been put in place.

Before you submit the application, you must have the following to send through:

  • Details of the provision, progress and outcomes at the level of SEN Support as recorded in the child/young person's SEN Support Plan or equivalent. This must be added as an appendix or fully detailed in this referral form.

  • A copy of the child/young person's attendance record (if they are on roll) at their educational placement for the last 2 years.This must be added as an appendix or fully detailed in this referral form.

  • An identification of needs descriptors in educational settings framework (INDES) completed within the last 12 months - this must be added as an appendix

  • All assessments/diagnoses/reports from professionals supporting the child/young person that you may have received dated within the last 24 months. These must be added as appendices and/or fully detailed in this referral form.

  • A Family Conversation Form completed by the child/young person and the parents/carers. This must be added as an appendix and/or their views fully detailed in this referral form.

  • A SEND Education Health Care Plan Data protection information/Privacy Notice and Consent to Information Sharing (SEND DP1) signed by parents/carers (and/or young person over the age of 16)

Parent carers and young people who request an EHC needs assessment must also include evidence of the graduated SEN support that has been put in place and prepare supporting information as evidence. Read information on the 'Your views' form

Reports sent to the Council giving information and advice for an EHC needs assessment may be used:

  • To write the description of a child's education, health and care needs
  • To decide the provision required to meet the needs

The reports may also be included in Section K of the EHCP.

If there is disagreement about the content of an EHCP, it can be looked into by the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) First Tier tribunal. It is therefore important that the Council and ICB have confidence in the content of all reports.

If a child was assessed by a private provider, see our advice on seeking neurodevelopmental assessments.