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It's never too late to make a change.

Be a healthier you this year and get started with Ready to Change. Make positive changes to your life, whether it's eating healthily, drinking less, quitting smoking or moving more. Get started today!

If you have had success with your health goals this year and recently made improvements to your health using our Ready to Change tool we'd love to hear your story. Please email us at

Make positive changes to your life

Discover what behaviour change is and how it can make a difference to your lifestyle

How to achieve a healthy diet

Learn how to develop new habits so you make healthier decisions on what to eat

Help to quit smoking

Advice on how to stay quit for good, whether you're thinking of stopping smoking or have recently quit

Help to drink less

Find out what risk alcohol poses to your health and how you can reduce the amount you drink

Support for professionals and stakeholders

Information to help you support your clients and users through behaviour change