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Specialist Resource Bases (SRBs)

What is a Specialist Resource Base?

Specialist resource bases (SRBs/bases) provide children and young people with the extra support they need within a mainstream school.

Children and young people do not need to have an education, health and care (EHC) plan to attend a base.

Support can happen in three ways:

  • Permanent placement at an autism or Deaf base
  • Temporary sessional placement at a base while attending home school for up to 4 terms depending on need
  • Outreach (in-school) support to a child at their mainstream school. This may include support for staff at the mainstream school too.

All children and young people attending all types of bases will have individual learning plans. They are supported in a specialist class and will attend mainstream classes in varying amounts of time, alongside whole school activities where appropriate.

If a child is attending a temporary sessional base a plan will be agreed to support their return to the home school.

There is regular communication with parents/carers. Parents/carers are closely involved in planning and reviewing their child's learning and all bases follow the school's process for parents' evenings, reports etc. Parents/carers are also invited in for events.

Bases are part of mainstream schools across the county. There are different types of bases.