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Specialist Resource Bases (SRBs)

Information on pupils' return to sessional SRBS and home schools in September 2020

In line with DfE guidelines attendance in school should be full time and in both settings. Attendance should follow the 4:1 for SRB or home school model.

DfE guidance states that dual attendance is permitted, provided risk assessments in both settings have taken place and appropriate general controls relating to social distancing, increased personal hygiene and environmental hygiene are implemented.

We would also expect individual health risk assessments to be carried out for the SRB children to ensure any additional adjustments relating to these areas, specific to their needs, are put in place.

SRB staff should contact each home school to gain access to any relevant paperwork and discuss how the risks will be managed.

Collaboration and adjustments may be required from both settings to keep risks to a minimum. Schools are expected to work together on this.

SRBs should share their risk assessments with the home school too.

DfE guidance states that these are to be kept to a minimum and that the size of each ‘bubble’ should be as small as possible and practicable within the confines of running a school. However, it's also clear that children and young people can belong to more than one ‘bubble’.

It's important that records are kept relating to the bubbles (for contact tracing purposes) and consideration should be given to the needs and individual risk assessment of other members of the bubble.

Full time attendance is expected. However, if the home school can make alternative arrangements for work to be available at home this may be considered.

It must be in full agreement with the parent and at their request. Work must be provided.

Children must have 5 days of education a week. This should be a time limited arrangement.

We would not expect this to be the case as safety controls are being put in place for all children and staff in every school.

However, if a situation does occur where concerns arise, please contact

This should continue. Visitors should always follow school safety procedures and ensure access is only to school areas relevant to their work. They should also ensure their contact is limited to pupils and staff that is necessary and essential.

SRB referrals and placements

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, SRB referrals and placements are working differently.

Referrals already made or deferred for SRBs

There was due to be one more admissions meeting for SRBs prior to the end of the 2019/20 academic year to consider any existing and suitable referrals that have been made. Only existing referrals were due to be discussed. Places for short term SRBs were due to be considered and offered pending the capacity of schools and SRBs to admit from September 2020. Consideration was due to be given in light of those remaining at the SRB due to a delayed start for previously offered places and vacancies that become available due to transition between school phases.

Offers for autism SRBs were due to be made in line with these principles. However priority with regard to decision making was due to be around those who were transferring from one phase of school to another i.e. nursery, Year 2 and Year 6 pupils.

SRB placements due to end

In principle any short term placements that were due to end will re-continue when SRB schools are able to reopen, subject to home school and parental agreement, until their agreed period of time to attend is completed. The exceptions to the above will be children and young people who will transfer to a different educational setting in September 2020. These will be children transitioning from infant to junior school, junior and primary school to secondary school.

For information on what to do if your child's SRB or SRB host school has closed, read our guidance for key workers and parents of vulnerable children.

For information on how other SEND Local Offer services are being affected, visit our coronavirus updates page.

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