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Norfolk Strategic Planning Member Forum

The Forum oversees the production of the Norfolk Strategic Planning Framework (NSPF) document on behalf of all the local planning authorities in Norfolk.

Local planning authorities, county councils and public bodies have a legal responsibility to work together on strategic matters when preparing Local Plans. This is called the Duty to Cooperate.

The NSPF provides a structure for tackling these planning issues across the county, especially those which have a strategic impact across local authority boundaries. It includes guidance relating to housing, economic growth, infrastructure and the environment. The NSPF informs the Local Plans produced by all the authorities.

The NSPF has been updated in parts to meet the new requirements and the forum considered the document at the January 2021 meeting. The latest version of the document has now been endorsed by all stakeholder authorities in 2021.  Download the latest version of the Norfolk Strategic Planning Framework (PDF) [3MB].

As part of the wider effort to foster a closer collaboration between local planning authorities, and other health service organisations to plan for future growth and to promote health, an engagement protocol has been produced between local planning authorities, the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Partners and Public Health Norfolk and Public Health Suffolk. Please find the latest version of the Planning in Health Protocol here (PDF) [807KB].

The Government published a revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in July 2018. It sets out that authorities should produce, maintain, and update one or more statement(s) of common ground throughout the plan making process. Read the full guidance on the website (opens new window).

The Forum has no executive powers. Decision making remains with each of the participating planning authorities. Read the full Terms of Reference of the Forum (PDF) [282KB].

Members of the Norfolk Strategic Planning Member Forum

  • Cllr John Fuller (Chairman) - South Norfolk Council
  • Cllr Andrew Brown - North Norfolk District Council
  • Cllr Mike Stonard - Norwich City Council
  • Cllr Stuart Beadle - Broadland District Council
  • Prof Tim Jickells - Broads Authority
  • Cllr Graham Plant - Great Yarmouth Borough Council
  • Cllr Sarah Suggitt - Breckland Council
  • Cllr Brian Long - Norfolk County Council
  • Cllr James Moriarty - King's Lynn and West Norfolk District Council


The forum brings elected Members from each authority together on a quarterly basis.

The next forum will be scheduled at 2pm on Monday 9 October, at the Council Chamber, Horizon Centre, Peachman Way, Broadland Business Park, Norwich.

Norfolk Strategic Planning Member Forum

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