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Frequently asked questions

Split and changing addresses

What happens if a child lives with parents at two separate addresses?

We're only responsible for transport from one address, which would be considered the one that your child lives at for most of the calendar week.

When your child is staying at the other parent's address it's the parents' responsibility to ensure they can get to and from school. See section 2.4 of our Home to school and college transport policy (PDF) [332KB] for more details.

My child gets transport but we'll be changing address - what do I do?

You need to tell us as soon as you know you will be changing address. This is so we can re-assess your school or college transport entitlement, as you may no longer be entitled to transport provision.

If you are still entitled, we'll need at least 10 working days before you move to make alternative transport plans. Please see the Change your address, contact details or service requirements page.

Please note, it's not enough to just advise the school or the taxi or bus operator you are changing address. You need to tell us as we look after and manage school transport.