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Neurodevelopmental services

Referral for assessment

If you decide your child needs a referral to a neurodevelopmental team, your child's SENCO or GP can contact:

Supporting evidence

The neurodevelopmental team may request information about:

  • Your concerns about your child and what you've observed
  • Your child's schools' observations of your child's development and behaviour (if your child goes to school)
  • Any medical history that may be relevant

You may be asked to collect this information.


The neurodevelopmental team will review this information. The team will decide whether there is evidence that your child needs a neurodevelopmental assessment.

If the referral for assessment is accepted

If the NCHC neurodevelopmental team decides that your child needs an assessment, they will add your child to the waiting list.

Unfortunately, the waiting list is long. The neurodevelopmental team will put you in contact with Family Action. They can support you while you wait for the assessment.

While you're waiting, you can also:

If the referral for assessment is not accepted

The neurodevelopmental team might:

  • Need more evidence to decide if your child needs a neurodevelopmental assessment
  • Decide your child does not need a neurodevelopmental assessment

If the team needs more evidence, they will send a letter to you and your GP asking for more information.

If the team decides that your child does not need an assessment, they will send you a letter to tell you this. The letter will include information about other services that may be able to support your child.

Your child will still be able to get SEN Support at their place of learning.

You might want to talk to your school SENCO, GP or the healthy child programme team.

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