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Participation and co-production best practice

Benefits of working in co-production

Everyone benefits from working in co-production.

The child or young person:

  • Is valued, and so are their experiences
  • Trusts the adults supporting them
  • Gets support that meets their actual needs and not their perceived needs
  • Makes good progress

Parents and carers:

  • Are valued, and so is their expertise
  • Trust in the system and the people who work in the system
  • Understand the system and how and why decisions are made
  • Can see their child's needs are being recognised and met

Practitioners and professionals


  • You can build strong relationships with families and service providers
  • You can use resources effectively and make savings
  • You will be more motivated
  • You will know if you are making a difference

Strategic leads

  • You will put families at the heart of their decisions
  • You can make evidence-based decisions


  • You will be able to create a more responsive, relevant, and useful service offer
  • You will have a better understanding of the lives and experiences of people you support
  • You can reduce the 'us versus them' dynamic