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Participation and co-production best practice

Planning an online group session


It is important to get consent from parents and carers for their child to take part.

  • Do not exclude children and young people from making decisions about consent
  • Consent is needed for photographs to be taken and used 

Communication and publicity

  • All publicity and materials should be in an accessible format. It might need to be in more than one format, for example, Easy Read
  • Share information well in advance so children and young people have time to plan and prepare. Send out meeting agendas a couple of days before 

Things to consider

  • Find out what devices people are using. Offer help if needed to join the meeting
  • Ask if anyone has accessibility needs
  • Show people how to use the accessibility tools. For example, chat and live captions
  • Show people how to put their hand up, go on mute, turn their camera on and off
  • Ask everyone to be muted unless they are speaking
  • Ask everyone to speak one at a time
  • Ask everyone to talk slowly
  • It can be hard to speak in large meetings, so have a system where everyone has a chance to speak
  • Be accepting that some people will not want to be on camera, but do not forget they are there. For example, regularly check the chat