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Behaviour change resources

Here are a series of resources that you can use to change behaviours. They'll help you choose and plan sensible goals.

If you want to review how you're doing with your behaviour change journey, there's advice on how to do so at Check in on your goals and progress.

Resources for specific health concerns

Breaking unhealthy habits

Think about positive cues to keep and negative cues you could change to help you live more healthily. You could consider changing the cue or trigger, or the way you respond to it. You can use these cue sheets to note them down.

Self monitoring diaries

We've provided self-monitoring diaries that you can save to your device. It can be useful to start with monitoring your habits for one week at a time.

Finding your motivators

It's important to think about what motivates you to continue making any changes to your lifestyle. It's easier to maintain changes if you have at least one thing that motivates you. It may be useful to think about these motivators and how they are relevant to you. You can use these sheets to note them down.

Get more information

For more information on changing your behaviour around specific health concerns visit our pages:

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