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Keep track of your progress as you change your behaviour

Keeping track of what you do each day to change your behaviour can help you keep an accurate record of how much progress you're making.

It can also help you see any benefits or challenges you might come across. This can help keep you on track and motivated.

How can I track what I'm doing?

You could use a diary or tracking tool. This will help you note any information that might help you to keep changing your behaviour.

Some examples for what to track could include:

  • If you wanted to recycle more - noting down how many times you put used household items in the recycling bin each week
  • If you wanted to get your kids to school on time - how many days you were able to do this each week
  • If you wanted to cut down on your online gambling - when you were more tempted to gamble
  • For any behaviour you want to change - noting down any challenges or barriers you came across to doing this
  • For any behaviour you want to change - noting down any benefits you've noticed from making changes

It can be useful to start with monitoring everything you do towards changing your behaviour, for one week at a time.

Once you've filled in a tracker, look back at the notes you've made and ask yourself:

  • Are there any situations where it's harder for you to make the behaviour change you want? If so, you might like to use our problem solving advice to think of some solutions to overcome these.
  • Are there any situations where it is easy for you to make the behaviour change you want?
  • What is it about these situations that makes it easier? Could you recreate these things to help you keep up with your behaviour change? For example, you might be less likely to gamble online when you're busy with your family.
  • Are there differences between weekdays and the weekend? If there are, what is it that makes them different?

Sometimes we think we're doing less of a behaviour we want, than we really are. By keeping a diary you may find out that you're doing better towards changing your behaviour than you think.

You can use a diary or tracking tool as often and for as long as you need if it helps you to keep track of what activities you are doing.

Other ways to track your progress

Depending on what behaviour you'd like to change, there may be apps and websites that can help you see how you're going.

It doesn't matter what diary, app, website or pedometer you use. There's also no right or wrong way in completing these diaries or tools.

It's just important to monitor and be as accurate as possible. This will help you to achieve your goals and review your progress.

If you'd like to keep a copy of this guide to print out, you can download it as a PDF (PDF) [99KB]