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Get support from those around you to eat healthily

Sometimes when you set yourself a goal, like to eat a healthier diet, it can feel like it's hard to achieve on your own.

The people around you, also known as your 'social support', can help you on your journey to healthy eating.

What is social support?

Social support means having people who can help you cope with many aspects of your life if you need them to. This includes helping with stress and being positive.

This support can come from family, friends, neighbours colleagues or health professionals.

How social support can help you

Social support improves the quality of your life. It boosts your mood and makes you feel happier.

Generally, there are three broad types of help and support those around you can offer. These are:

  • Practical support - such as the people you share your house with don't have high fat snacks in the house
  • Emotional support - your friend talks to you about how you're trying to eat healthily, and encourages you
  • Informational support - a family member finds local support groups you could attend

Think about who can support you

Who are the people in your life that can encourage you to meet your goals and stick to them?

They could be anyone, a family member, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour. You might like to write their names down.

It's also as important to think about who may hinder your efforts to eat a healthy diet.

Create your own social support 

This is where you work out who would help you reach your healthy eating goals and how they'd do this.

If you haven't yet set a goal or action plans, you can do so at our goal setting and action planning page.

You should speak to the people you nominate as your social support about how they can provide support to you.

Create your social support

Alternatively, if you would like to create your social support form in your own time, use the link below to download a PDF version.

Create your social support (pdf version) (PDF) [92KB]

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