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Keep track of your progress with physical activity

Keeping track of what you do and when can help you stay on target with your goals. You can learn more about how active you are by trying our physical activity quiz.  

Track your activity with a diary

Weekly diaries

If you haven't monitored your activity levels for some time, you may find it useful to complete a diary.  

You could start with monitoring everything you do for one week. Once you've done this, look back at each day to find out when you're active and the type of activity you are doing.

You might want to consider:

  • Are there any situations where it's easy for you to be active, such as walking to work?
  • Are there differences between weekdays and the weekend?

You may find out that you're more active than you think. This could be by walking or cycling during your commute or school run, gardening, etc.

This type of diary may also help you work out if you're not doing as much recommended activity as you should.

You can then think about setting some activity goals. Find out more about what sort of physical activity you should be aiming to do.  

Goal diaries

If you have a particular activity goal in mind or have recently set one, you may prefer to use a goal diary. You'll see how you're doing in relation to a particular goal you have set, such as walking 6,000 steps per day.

You can use the diary as often as you like if it helps you to keep track of the activities you are doing related to your goal. You can also use the diary to record:

  • How you're feeling that day
  • How satisfied you may have felt with your efforts
  • Any benefits of being active
  • Any challenges you have come across

We've provided a template you can use for either the weekly or the goal diary.

Save a copy of the physical activity diary (PDF) [100KB]

Other tools to track activity

There are also many apps and websites with monitoring tools that you might like to try. If you have a smartphone, you may have a monitoring tool built in.

You could buy a pedometer which you wear on your belt or waist band. These measure how many steps you walk, among other things.

Here are some apps which you may find useful:

  • NHS Active 10: This tracks your steps everywhere you go, helping you to walk at least 10 minutes each day.  It supports goal setting, shows achievements and provides tips to boost your activity.
  • NHS Couch to 5K: This helps you gradually work up towards running 5 km in 9 weeks.  It has a choice of five trainers to motivate you. It works with your music player, tracks your runs and connects you with other Couch to 5K runners
  • NHS weight loss plan: This helps you lose weight with a 12-week plan. You can set weight loss goals and use the BMI calculator to customise your plan. You can also plan meals, make healthier food choices and record your activity and progress. 

It doesn't matter what diary or tool you're using. It's just important to be as accurate as possible in recording. This will help you achieve your goals and review your progress.

What's next

Find out how to check in on your goals and progress you've made to your physical activity levels.

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