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Plan for potential problems with your weight loss

Planning how you might respond to challenges ahead of time means you're prepared for anything that might throw you off track from losing weight.

For example, it can be challenging to stick to your goals when we feel stressed or if others offer us something tempting.

One type of plan that can help you stay on track with your goals in these situations is an 'If-then' plan. These plans can help you commit to a certain action if a specific situation arises.

What is an If-then plan?

If-Then rules remind you about what you can do when faced with a difficult situation: "If  situation 'X' arises then I will do 'Y'".

If-Then plans are a good way of making new habits stick.

Examples of If-then plans

Below are a few examples of  If-then plans. We've noted one solution (if) for each challenge (then). But sometimes it may be helpful to have more than one solution to a challenge. If you still need to, you can set an overall goal and make some action plans.

If I am disappointed with my weigh in this week
Then I will plan healthy meals for the following week to ensure I stay on track with my healthy eating

If I have not managed my walk today due to the rain...
Then on my walk tomorrow I'll try to add an extra 10 minutes on to the total time spent walking

If I am watching TV and I want to eat something...
Then I will eat an apple or any other available piece of fruit

Create an If-then plan

You can download an If-then plan as a PDF (PDF) [118KB].

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