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Get support to be more active

Sometimes when you set yourself a goal, like getting more active, it can feel hard to achieve on your own.

The people around you, also known as your 'social support', can help you towards your goal.

What is social support?

Social support comes from the people around you who can help you with many aspects of your life if you need them. This includes friends, neighbours, family, colleagues and health professionals.

Support can help you cope with stress, being positive and tasks like shopping or cooking. They can also help you achieve your goals of getting more active.

How can social support help?

Having access to social support can improve the quality of your life. It improves your mood and makes you feel happier.

Generally, there are three broad types of help and support those around you can offer. These are:

  • Practical support. For example, your housemates offer to go walking with you, or cook dinner to free up time for you to be active.
  • Emotional support. Your friend talks with you about your activity goals and offers encouragement.
  • Informational support. A family member finds local activity classes that you may wish to attend.

Who can help me?

Who are the people in your life that can encourage you to meet your physical activity goals and stick to them?

It's also important to think about who may hinder your efforts when trying to be more active. Thinking about who these people might be can prepare you for any setbacks you may get when you're with them.

Find out more about how to deal with setbacks.

If you have a disability and want support in getting more active, Active Norfolk's resources could help you.

If you don't have access to social support then Active Norfolk can also help you find suitable activities to do at home, work or outdoors.

Involving others to help you achieve your physical activity goals

Planning how others could support you to achieve your goals can help you stay focused and motivated. It may help to write down:

  • Who you think would be able to help you achieve your physical activity goals
  • The possible ways they could help you

We'd encourage you to speak to the people you choose to nominate. You need to know if that person is willing and currently able to support you.

If they're able to help, talk to them about how best they could support you. You may like to suggest a way they may be able to help you.

You could also tell them your overall goals (such as being more active). Then you can agree together on how they may be able to help you.

Do remember that not everyone is able to provide all types of support (such as practical or emotional). Some people may feel more comfortable providing one type of support over another.

Create your own social support

Alternatively, if you would like to create your social support form in your own time, use the link below to download a PDF version.

Create your own social support (pdf version) (PDF) [92KB]