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Plan for potential problems in staying smoke free

Planning how you might respond to challenges means you're prepared for anything that might throw you off track from stopping smoking.

For example, it can be challenging to stick to your goals when you feel stressed or if others invite you to smoke.

One type of plan that can help you stay on track with your goals in these situations is an 'If-then' plan.

What is an If-then plan?

If-then plans can help remind you what to do when faced with a difficult situation: "If  situation 'X' arises then I will do 'Y'"

They're a good way of making new habits stick and studies have shown they can help people avoid smoking.

Examples of If-then plans

If I usually smoke when I'm out with friends
Then I'll try not to socialise with them for the first few weeks after I've quit

If a friend offers me a cigarette
Then I'll politely say no and ask them not to offer me a cigarette again

If I usually smoke when I'm at the pub
Then I'll try to avoid the pub in the first few weeks after I've quit

Make your If-then plans

You can  download an If-then plan as a PDF (PDF) [118KB]

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